Coffee Maker Cleaning Hack

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Happy Hump Day!

My mother-in-law came to visit a couple of weeks ago and had the grossest story to share. She said a friend of hers owned a popular single-serve machine and decided to clean it one day. When she opened it up she saw there wasn’t only calcium buildup but there was also some kind of weird bacteria that had gathered and multiplied. Can you imagine how long that woman’s been drinking coffee filled with yuck? That made me feel some kind of way about my own coffee maker.  Continue reading

4 Things I Learned from Our First Apartment

The last two years have been packed with life lessons. I’ve learned so much about Scott but also about myself. As we finished packing the absolutlast episode of fresh prince of bel aire last of our things, I was moved to reflect on some things we’ve learned during this experience in our first place together. After we’d gotten everything out of the apartment and cleaned, I looked around and it seriously felt like the last episode of Fresh Prince.

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Looks Like We’re Moving…Finally

2 bedroom duplex

INSANITY! We’ve finally decided to move. The opportunity presented itself and the timing was right this time around. Here’s the backstory: About a week before Scott and I got married, we found a duplex in an older, more established neighborhood of a suburb. I wasn’t in love with it when the landlord showed it but Scott was. He grew up in an area where homes are on MINIMUM one and a half acres. Continue reading

Weeknight One Pan Enchilada Bake

one pan cheesy enchilada bake damn-delicious


Hey, All!

Since I’ve been planning our meals a week in advance I’ve been happier with what we’ve been eating. It’s amazing how many different dishes you can think up when you’re actually creating a menu! This has also eliminated the need to grab something quick from a fast food chain or repeating the same go-to dishes; it gets expensive and BORING. I tweaked a recipe from Chungah’s blog. I love her ideas so much.

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